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What do Aussies Vape? | Australian Vaporizers

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

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Australia, much like the rest of the world, have taken to the vaping scene like a duck to water. The vaporizer industry has exploded in recent months, and we can see this in Australia as the Aussies take to the Vape scene in droves! 

We are now at the point where due to Vaporizers and E Cigs taking over the smoking market as a healthy, cheaper alternative. Large tobacco companies are starting to panic. Who would have thought? It is like the end of the CD Drive in a computer.

Although it has come under some fire there is no doubt that if you Vape with a Vaporizer not only do your lungs feel healthier but you are to. So this brings us into a question of curiosity.

What are the most popular Australian Vaporizers?

We're going to delve a little deeper here and have a look at what are the vaporizers that are most popular in Australia. The two standard types of vaporizers (especially for consuming dry herb) are the portable vaporizers and the desktop vaporizers.  Portable vaporizers have really dominated the market recently, and this is exactly the same case in Australia. Some people find the practicality and efficiency of owning a portable vape way more beneficiary than a desktop. However the true vaping connoisseurs out there seem to opt for  desktop vaporizers as the vapor quality cannot be matched. So take look down below as we review our best portable and desktop vapes!

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Portable Vaporizers Australia 

Pax 2 AustraliaWe feel like we don't even need to mention the Pax 2 anymore, and yet the great people of Australia cannot get enough of this vaporizer! ThePax 2 is already the best selling portable vape in Australia in the year 2016. Manufacturers, Ploom have really made an amazing successor to their Pax original. The Pax 2 aka 'The iPhone of Vaporizers' is really spearheading the vaporization movement! 

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer AustraliaIf the Pax 2 is spearheading a new wave of vapers across Australia, then the DaVinci Ascent is following close behind, picking up what the Pax drops. The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer is extremely popular in Australia, as it is one of the leading pieces in vaping technology. The DaVinci Ascent as an automated digital management system which allows users to fine tune their desired vaping temps. One of the best features on the Ascent Vaporizer is how it employs an all-glass air path from heating chamber to mouthpiece. An all-round top notch device, the Ascent vape means business. 

Arizer Air vaporizer AustraliaAnother classic vaporizer right here, step on up the Arizer Air. Efficient, portable and powerful, the Arizer Air ticks all the boxes when it comes to portable vaporizers. The Arizer Air comes equipped with a full glass vapor path, which helps in production of dense, clean and pure vapor. Taking this into consideration with the fact that it is a portable vaporizer, showcases how efficient and accessible the Arizer Air truly is. 

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Desktop Vaporizers Australia 

When people think of desktop vapes, the mind immediately jumps to the Volcano. The Volcano has been coined as one of the original vaporizers. However, as shocking as this may be, the Volcano is not one of the most popular desktop vapes in Australia. Taking that spot is the Volcano's lil brother, the Volcano Plenty Vaporizer. The Plenty Vaporizer is manufactured by the same people as the Volcano (Storz and Bickel) and they also guarantee longevity and quality of vapor.  The Plenty vape is a robust, sturdy and economically priced desktop vaporizer. If you're looking for a vape with the quality of a Volcano but are somewhat hesitant due to the price tag, then the Volcano Plenty was made for you. 

Another popular desktop vaporizer with the Aussies is the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. Similar to the Volcano vaporizer, the Extreme Q offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through a balloon bag or whip attachment.  This is an amazing vaporizer for group sessions and solo sessions. Unlike with the Volcano the Extreme Q has an awesome tube delivery system and if you prefer it also comes with a Balloon system with a couple of balloons to use to. It is an excellent all rounder that comes in at an amazing price. So from us our hats are off.


The Future of Vaporizers in Australia 

We expect Vaporizers to keep growing and growing. We see them now on the beaches and we see them now at our mates house. So wether you want to just get healthy, stop mixing with tobacco or help fight your addictions. Grab a Vaporizer today and join the party and the fight. Lets continue to watch Vaporizers grow for time to come.

Mighty Vape NamasteVapes AustraliaOne of the most popular growing portable vaporizers at the moment is the Mighty Vaporizer. Brought to us from the same manufacturers that produced the original Volcano, Storz & Bickel have produced a top of the line portable vape which matches the Volcano in vapor quality, which is really saying something! The Mighty is one of the fastest growing vapes on the market at the moment, proving that vapor quality is extremely important. 

The Grizzly Guru Vape is also and extremely popular choice in the portable vape range due to its brilliant versatility. The Grizzly Guru is capable of vaporizing both dried aromatherapy blends and oils/waxes. This vape is ready for anything you're willing to throw at it. I think we're going to be seeing a lot more from Grizzly Guru in the near future, a really exciting and accessible vape! 

So, now we have reached the end of our state of Vaporizers in Australia! As you can probably tell, it's the portable vaporizers which clearly are becoming the most popular. The majority of people seem to want to vape discreetly and on the go, so portable vaporizers are on the way up! However, let's not forget about the vapor connoisseurs out there, desktop vaporizers may be a little more expensive, but for the longevity and vapor quality produced, they are well worth it! 

Let us know what your style of vaping is? Any preferences when it comes to vaporizers? Or what materials to you vape? So many questions that we really want to know! Remember folks, there is no 'best' vaporizer out there, it is all determined by your desires and vaping needs!


Keep Calm...Vape On!