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Abrar Odoo 08/03/2017


The question about whether alcohol or herbal is better for you has been debated since time immemorial.  Both substances have their positive and negative areas, but lately its been herbal that has been receiving a lot of good press. One of the reasons why taking your plants has exploded in popularity is because of vaporizers and vaping. It has been medically proven that Vaporizers  eliminate many of the toxins commonly associated with your plant materials.  Another reason why the herbal plant is being looked at in a more positive light is because of the wholesale benefits that the plant can give to sufferers from a whole range of medical conditions. There is a growing body of evidence which seems to suggest that users of herb can receive relief from anxiety, seizures, epilepsy, and many more conditions.

In contract to this there seems to be a growing amount of evidence which suggests that alcohol has detrimental effects on peoples health. And whilst alcohol is a substance that is widely legal the negative effects that the drug is having on people health are widespread. Researchers have discovered that when its comes to gateway drugs that alcohol is much more dangerous than herbal. One of the reasons for this is because herbal allows users to keep their cognitive functions intact whereas alcohol leads to a losing of inhibitions that can lead to disastrous consequence's.  The false courage that alcohol creates in people results in them taking unnecessary and disastrous risks such as drink driving that can have fatal consequences.

The Stats


Before we go into some of the stats below I think that its very important readers take note of how these so-called facts can be distorted. For example, Alcohol is very bad and everyone seems to know this, even the statisticians. But the stats commonly associated with alcohol use don't even tell the full truth either. The statistics in relation to alcohol are misleading in that the stats don't include a whole host of alcohol-related deaths that should be included. For example, shouldn't the statisticians include alcohol-related fatalities when someone dies because of some fist fight, or, dies because of some stupid behavior like walking out in front of a car because they're so intoxicated they can't see the car coming towards them.

Or what about including people who self-harm and commit suicide because they have alcohol-induced depression? Or why don't these stats include the likes of people who have suffered alcohol-related cardiac arrest, alcohol-related strokes, and the myriad of other conditions that people can perish from this earth due to alcohol. If all of these instances where included into the stats we'd have hundreds of thousands of deaths and ailments included into these statistics. In comparison, why don't stats about herbal include how many people are experiencing wide-scale benefits of the plants? How come the majority of statisticians  don't include the benefits of substance's of CBD and THC?




Drinking too much alcohol can have fatal effects on an almost instant basis. Of course, if you consume the substance in moderation you can enjoy it socially, but if taken in excess the substance can and will prove fatal. A number of days ago there was a high profile case whereby a young man drank back a full bottle of Tequila for a bet and then a few minutes later he died of a heart attack.  This type of case wouldn't be unique with many such tragic deaths occurring throughout the globe. In USA alone over 88,000 alcohol-related deaths happen every single year with binge drinking being one of the main causes of the sudden death.


In contrast to this, the number of deaths caused by herbal use is very tiny. A scientific study found that a fatal dose of THC would be between 20 and 70 grams. When consider that your typical joint would have roughly a half a gram of THC inside it you being to realise the enormous amounts that it would take for the substance to become fatal. If one was to smoke between 20 and 70 grams of THC this would be the equivalent of having nearly 1,000 joints per day.  The only real dangerous that may arise if would was to take concentrates which can have far higher THC, but still if taken in moderation even concentrates are safe.

Crime Rates


Alcohol has been associated with masses amounts of criminality throughout the world, leading to: Murder, violent assaults, and a whole host of other criminal activity. The reason for this is because alcohol lowers people inhibitions and reduces the effect of the amygdala in the human brain. When the amygdala is turned off people don't feel the same amount of danger that they would when sober, and so, this results in humans partaking in extremely dangerous behaviour, such as drink driving, fighting, and other criminal pursuits.


Herbal on the other hand causes the brain to relax and results in people staying in a meditative pose. How the plant does this is because of the vast amounts of CBD in the plant which has a relaxing effect on the brain. It has been proven that CBD  results in people experiencing less anxiety and stress in their lives. THC can result in the brain experiencing  a more pronounced high, but when taking in moderation THC has been proven to enhance the enjoyment of your life. Research has shown that people who take plant materials have perpetrated the lowest amount of violence towards there partners. In contrast people who consumer alcohol have the highest incidences of partner violence in the world.  

Memory and learning and ability


Anyone who has consumed alcohol would know that the day after consuming the substance that your memory can be badly affected. Many of us, including myself, are often left scratching our heads and wondering what happened that night before- we all know this feeling, we're suffering from the dreaded "blackout." The reason why this occurs is because when you drink vast amounts of alcohol it limits your brains capacity to create memories. When someone is extremely intoxicated the part of the brain that creates memories is temporarily switched off. The reason the "blackout" is so dangerous is because it can lead to very risky behaviour such as unprotected sex and other risky behaviour.  The long-term results of heavy drinking is that your brain becomes overloaded on toxins, and so, is barely able to function as it attempts to expels the toxins that are swimming in your bloodstream.

There have been a number of studies done in relation to herbal and the effect it has on your learning abilities and many of these studies are coming up with conflicting views. Some studies seem to suggest that if young people take the plant in their adolescents that they  may be more prone to leaning difficulties as they age. But it has also been demonstrated that pot when taken in smaller amounts can result in increased concentration and coordination. Other studies have shown that herbal can increase the risk of psychosis and other conditions, but the study also found that a lot of this depended on someones genetics. Similarly, not everyone who takes a drink will turn into an alcoholic it depends on many factors including your family history. The jury still seems to be out on how the plant effects your leaning capacity, but as anyone who taken the herb can attest to, it does seem to increase concentration levels in smaller doses.



This is a tricky one, as consuming any narcotic whilst pregnant has to be a bad thing, but alcohol has been proven to be extremely detrimental to unborn children.  Scientific evidence dictates that taking alcohol can lead to the foetus being damaged resulting in behavioural and other difficulties arising later in the life.  Most of these disorders fall under the term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or (FASD).

When to comes to herbal there have no major studies done which seem to indicate any damage to the foetus.  There has been one study conducted which seemed to indicate that smoking the plant may lead to a low birth rate, but apart from this there seems to be no concrete evidence about the damage caused. However, its seems that the best policy would be to avoid using any kind of mind altering substance that may effect your child.

Medical Evidence


One of alcohols greatest benefits is its ability to help people relax and loose their inhibitions. But the substances greatest benefit is also its main Achilles heel as when people loose their inhibitions this can lead to dangerous behaviours that can have disastrous results. Like I've already alluded to, alcohol has a tendency to lead to fights, murders, assaults, mental health conditions, and loads of other nasty stuff. The funny thing is that many people consume alcohol to alleviate depression, but these people fail to take into account that alcohol actually is a prime causer of depression.


On the other side of the coin is your plants which are packed full of wholesome goodies such as THC and CBD which have been proven to help alleviate conditions like seizures, anxiety, paranoia etc. There has recently been wide range of research which appears to show that CBD in particular can result in huge health gains for users. And with the advent of vaporizers taking the health benefits to a whole new level it appears that the medical advantages of your plants are set to get bigger and bigger.

The Future


Whilst people will continue to take alcohol- the future for these people looks bleak indeed. Unless people can somehow they the narcotic in moderation they're setting themselves up for a lifetime of misery. Of course, people may get the occasional good experience with alcohol, but in the long run things aren't could take a turn for the worst.


The future for herbal looks very bright indeed, and with countries beginning to legalize the herb for medicinal use the future looks positively magnificent. Another reason for the future looks so rosy for your plants is because vaporizers and vaping is set to dominate the herbal landscape for decades to come. The reason for this is because vaporizers eliminate carcinogens and toxins that are formed when your herbs are combusted. What vaporizers do is they heat up your herbs to a level where a vapor is formed and then its inhaled into lungs. This new method of utilizing your plant materials results in a cleaner fresher and healthier hit.


When comparing these two substances it seems to be a monumental mismatch. On one hand we have alcohol which causes wholescale damage to society. A substance so dangerous that if you drank too much of it that it will lead to almost instant death.  A narcotic that is so damaging that there is scarcely a family in the world that hasn't been touched by its detrimental effects. Alcohol is without a doubt one of the most dangerous drugs ever to be let loose on the public. The reason why alcohol is so dangerous is for many reasons. This is a drug that has the capacity to destroy households and family's throughout the globe, but yet, somehow, the drug is legal throughout the planet? 

When has a man ever stoned out on herbal ever turned around and started beating up his wife because of some violent urge? 90% of the time the stoner would be so relaxed and so chilled out that he would be riding the waves all the way to Tibet.   The herbal plant, in particular when using a vaporizer, can lead to a whole host of health benefits, such as reduction in seizures, anxiety,  muscle spasms, etc. Herbal, when taken in moderation and with a vaporizer, can be used to transform your life for the better.  But somehow, in many countries, alcohol is legal and herbal is illegal? If anything it should be the other way around alcohol should be banned and your herbs should be made widely available.


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