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Australia’s First Ever Global Medical Cannabis Summit Set for October

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Affiliates Namaste 08/09/2018

With Medical cannabis coming more and more into the mainstream the potential for market growth is simply exponential. Increasing numbers of countries from around the world are making moves to have legislation passed in their country for the legalization of Medical cannabis. Since Canada passed its Bill C-45 this, also known as The Cannabis Act, liberal agendas are paving the way for more countries to follow suit. Investors in Australia are hoping that they will be next.

CannaTech Australia

That’s why in Australia, CannaTech Sydney is now going to host its first ever Medical Cannabis Summit this October in Sydney. The event which while take place in Doltone House Darling Island Wharf from October 23rd to 30th is not only a first for the country but a unique opportunity to bring together industry experts from around the world. CannaTech will host professionals to give talks on industry topics such as Ag Tech & Innovation, Business & Finance, Policy & Regulation, Science & Medicine over the course of the five-day period.

Medical Marijuana Industry

Also, on Sunday 28th October there will be a specialist business-focused symposium. As Saul Kaye, Founder and CEO of iCAN: Israel Cannabis says, “Australia is a key and growing player in the exploding medical cannabis field. Many Australian medical cannabis companies are on the cutting edge of the market and we are thrilled to bring some of the world’s leading companies and investors to Australia to meet with their counterparts to discuss a range of a business and technological issues.”

As the world learns of the immense global health and business potential of medical cannabis summits like these will become more and more important. Though this is the first talk of its kind in Australia it should be expected that there will be plenty more in the coming years.

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