Australian Law Curtails CBD Cash

on Sep 17, 2018

It’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about drugs on the planet, but despite its proven benefits CBD may not make it as far as Australia. Even though Australia will be hosting its first ever cannabis summit next month it looks like thousands of people may still miss out on the golden opportunity afforded by CBD.

Recent research has come out suggesting that CBD found in various fibers in plants and seed grains may be of extreme benefit to those suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. The non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant has been having something of a moment in the mainstream as more and more people are realising that they could seriously benefit from its use.

Australian Laws Proving a Barrier

Only last January, the Australian Health Minister gave the green light to the cannabis industry. But since then nearly twenty licenses have been issued for medical cannabis growers and a further thirteen for cannabis narcotic manufacture. However, under Australian federal law farmers are not allowed to harvest the potentially positively life-altering material unless it is licensed under the Federal Office for Drug Control.

Current laws in Australia prevent farmers from making productive and lucrative strides in the CBD market. This can be traced back to the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA), which only approved of its first cannabis prescription medicine in June. Epidiolex is a drug that has been used in clinical trials to combat paediatric epilepsy.

Too Much THC

Much of the problem is largely because of THC levels. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. However, the products that farmers want to make is CBD which would contain almost negligible amounts of THC. The idea that small amounts could make any detrimental difference to anyone’s physiology is, frankly, ludicrous.

Farmers are unlikely to give up easily though. They know that they’re in a brilliant place to cultivate some of the finest cannabis on earth. Australia is a perfectly placed to develop cannabis because of its climate. Farmers have optimal conditions to grow crops all year round. However, creating some of the best cannabis in the world is of little benefit if no one can get to it.

Can’t Stop a Good Thing

This sounds like things would be going great but the gaining access to CBD has proven less than easy. Fewer than a thousand Australians are actually able to benefit from these licenses. Many patients are unable to get cannabis and CBD through their doctors and few products have been clinically proven. But that hasn’t stopped people. It’s currently estimated that there are over 100, 000 Australians using medical cannabis illegally.

Greg Hunt, the Health Minister, has declined to answer questions of concern and has stated that Australia is bound to uphold the United Nations Convention on Narcotic Drugs which prohibits cannabis extracts from being used for non-medical purposes. However, the U.N. will meet in November to discuss marijuana classification under international drug treaties. So all may not be lost for long. This comes on the heels of a report by the UN World Health Organisation stating that CBD should no longer be scheduled as a dangerous narcotic.

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