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Seamus Hanratty 31/03/2017

   volcano vape    

If you're looking to get your hands on a Volcano Vape then you've come to the right place because in this blog I'm going to go into the finer details of what's what in the Volcano Vape World.  As most people know Volcano Vapes are the heavyweight champions of the vaping industry, providing users with vapors that deliver a knockout punch . These are certainly no light weight products, but large bulky devices that have the power to literally lift you off the floor.  There are many reasons why people have been raving about Volcano Vapes and one of the main reasons is because of the total experience that these devices deliver. Once you own a Volcano you can be guaranteed that you'll have the very best of the vaping technology at your finger tips. Unlike portables, where your experience can be constricted and narrowed down, your vaping adventures with the Volcano will the complete package. What do I mean by this? I mean that you'll have everything that a vaporizer can possibly offer. You'll be able to control the temperature right down to the last centigrade, choose what flavors you want, eliminate wastage, utilize every last strand of herbs, and  do loads of other very cool stuff. Another thing that separates portable vaporizers and volcano vaporizers is the difference in price. Many portable vaporizers come in at a medium range price level, but if you want to get your hands on a volcano you're literally going to have to pay top dollar. But in this case the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.  Volcanos come in at a premium level price rang for a reason. Before we go on, Its important to take note that there are two different types of Volcano Vaporizers: The Classic and the Digital.  And both of these devices will provide you with many happy moments. In the blog below, I'll go into more detail as to what separates the two and why you should choose one over the other.  One of the first things that you'll need to be aware of is the Solid Valve and the Easy Valve  systems, and down below I've given a short description and what both of these systems entail.

Solid Valve

What the solid valve offers is high quality stainless steel and heat resistant materials that can withstand nearly all temperatures.  When you decide to go via the solid valve method you'll also be able to use customizable balloons that you can change to suit your own needs. With this method you'll be able to save money with the balloons, but its important to take note, that these balloons will needed to be cleaned on a regular basis. I've also found that the mouthpieces are of very high quality when you use the solid valve system.  Even if you do have to change the balloons on a regular basis this shouldn't present too many problems as most of these balloons  only cost a pittance.  

Easy Valve

One of the reasons why many people prefer the easy valve system is because its maintenance free. What this  system offers is a single balloon size. The benefit of this system is there is no cleaning with the balloon.  The one negative is that the balloon will be more expensive than the Solid Valve . As we can see there are positive and negatives with both methods. From a personal point of view I have to say I preferred the solid valve system because I quite enjoy messing around with my own my own balloons. Of course many people will disagree with this, but at the end of the day its all a matter of preference. What the decision will come down to is whether you want to avoid cleaning or whether you prefer sticking with the same device and knowing what you're going to get.  

The Digital

volcano vape

First lets take a look at the Digital Volcano.  This device expels toxins and purifies your herbs resulting in the complete vaping experience.  The digital is a Volcano Vape that comes with a big bright temperature control system. The temperature control buttons are located on the front of the device and these buttons will allow you to adjust the temperature.  An automatic shutoff unit ensures that you'll be conserving energy and wont be experiencing any wastage. How this system works is that the Volcano Vape will turn off after 30 minutes if its not being used.  Coming in the world renowned sleek structure the Digital enriches the positive aspects of your herbs and virtually eliminates all carcinogenics.  The Volcano works by propelling air into balloon which acts to purify your herbs to the perfect level of consistency.  Once your balloon has satisfactorily inflated you can detach it and then enjoy your materials at your own leisure.    A built in air filtration system which helps to further enhance your experience and take your vaping to a whole new level of excellence.  In my opinion, the Digital offers a more precise overall experience. The Digital weighs in 4lb  heavier more than the Classic Vaporizer so it definitely Is quite heavy vaporizer, but this extra weight is a sign of strength and long term durability.  It comes with a 3 year warranty, and so you can see that the manufactures, Storz and Bickel,  are very confident in their product.

volcano vape

Volcano Classic

volcano vape

The Volcano Classic is one of the most advanced cutting edge vapes in the world.  Through its elite level technology the unit manages to remove all toxins and other nasty byproducts via its vaporization process.  The flavor of the ingredients that you place inside the Classic will be intensified and will result in you attaining the complete vaping buzz.  An air enriched process results in air circulating into the balloons which acts to purify your materials to the maximum level.  When your balloon is filled you can then detach it and then separate it from the device.  I found that the Classic is a very durable vaporizer that will stand the test of time. Unlike other devices this isn't a machine that will be prone to breaking down and is a machine that will certainly last the course. Another huge plus in favour of the Volcano Classic is that it is far better value than the Digital, and so, you'll be saving lots of extra cash directly into your wallet. Included with the volcano vape is a screen set, liquid pad, and air filter set which all will act to enhance your vaping experience.  An essential piece of equipment that the Classic comes supplied with is a grinder which will grind down your herbs to the perfect consistency. You'll also be given an instruction manual which should help guide you in the right direction. Overall the Volcano Classic is a vape that has everything you'll ever need to enjoy your herbs to the maxiumum level.

volcano vape



If you're looking to get your hands on a volcano vape you cant go too far wrong with either the Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digital. Both of these units are virtually guaranteed to provide you with some herbal nirvana that you  wont forget any time soon.  Whether you're seeking to use a volcano vape for recreational use or for medical use these machines are guaranteed to deliver the goods.  And not only will they deliver the goods, these devices will give you the complete vaping experience. You'll be able to control your vaping sessions right down to the last minute detail. And unlike with some portables your experience wont be a hit and miss. Once you own a volcano you'll be guaranteed quality herbal bliss at the click of a button.  The days when nasty tasting portables  are filling your lungs will be a thing of the past.  One of the slight negatives that comes with the Volcano is that it can take quite a while until its heated up. On average it will usually take about 3 minutes for this Volcano Vape to heat up. When packing your herbs you should always ensure that your herbs are well ground down. An insert will help secure your herbs in place at all times.  Another very handy benefit of the insert is that it help make sure that you'll experience a consistent vape time and time again.  Overall, if you're looking to get your hands on a top quality desktop vaporizer you cant go too far wrong with Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digital.

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