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Boundless CFX vs CF vs CFC

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Abrar Odoo 15/09/2017
Boundless are makers of portable, powerful, but most importantly, affordable vaporizers that have made a name for themselves with the amount of functions they’ve been able to add into a single model. Boundless claim that each line of models is hand tested and made to a specific standard, which is why they have a 3 year warranty that they stand by.

Boundless was started in 2015 and quickly created 6 different model of vaporizer for every taste and function a big time vaper could need. They claim that their main goal is to educate and offer up the best methods to its average consumer on the advantages of aromatherapy vaporizing as opposed to traditional combustion methods. Stealth, price, efficiency. These are all things that matter to Boundless because they know they matter to the average, Irish vape buyer.

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With a Boundless model, no longer will all of the hybrid, delicious tasting, dense vapor be regulated to the Firefly’s and the Mighty’s of the world, because Boundless have some models that are ready to compete at a fraction of the price. Below we have the three main vapes of the greater CF line which focuses on a spectrum of both taste and portability to make sure that, whatever your needs, there’s a vape for you, and there's models are available for AU now, so they're worth taking a look.


Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is the largest of the greater Boundless flagship line. It’s still a portable, dry herb vape, but it’s large enough to incorporate an LCD screen which reveals all info about the vape, including everything about its full temperature control. With a quick heat up time and a large chamber, there’s not much about this vape that doesn’t make it perfect for on-the-go or parties. The biggest major advantage of the Boundless CFX is that it uses a hybrid of conduction and convection heat, which is something that most high-end models don’t even do. The reason hybrid models work so well is that they both keep their advantages which eliminating each other’s weaknesses. With hybrid, you get the amazing toasty taste that comes off of convection systems, while at the same time getting the speed and efficiency of a conduction model. With both of these styles, you can get even, quick heating on higher temperatures as well as achieve huge clouds.

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I know the CFX is affordable. In fact, so affordable you might be thinking of overlooking the fact that it’s made of plastic. Plastic and lower-end vaporizers haven’t had the best relationship, but the plastic coming off of the Boundless CFX is of such a quality that it doesn’t get too hot of seep into the flavour of your vaporizer at all. But yes, the CFX is also affordable, being one of the cheapest hybrid models on the market, but Boundless have still managed to keep some of the quality up and now the Boundless is a firm favourite for budget minded vapers. When you first look at this impressive beast of a model, you’re going to be instantly reminded of The Mighty, and that level of bulk and power has now become a bit of a trademark with a few vape manufacturers out there. The exterior, like most of the vape, is still the same glossy plastic and has a nice grooved design that isn’t bad too look at.

Boundless CF

The Boundless CF, like the CFX, has managed to combine hybrid heating in a portable but affordable package. Despite being in a smaller package, the vapor coming off of the Boundless CF is pretty similar to that of the CFX, which is no surprise since it’s the same conduction and convection oven system. It’s both satisfying, and the density of the vapor has a fantastic density and silky feel to it. The CF is pretty standard in terms of usability. It’s got a good size to it, but it still very portable and can fit into your pocket much easier that the CFX would. Apart from that, it uses the same button press system that most handheld vapes use. 5 clicks turn the vape on and then double clicking will scroll through the temperature options. Now, this is the first big downside compared to the Boundless CFX.

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The CF doesn’t have full temperature control, and that makes a lot of sense since the downsizing had to scrap something, but luckily the CF does come with 5 temperature settings which isn’t bad for a portable model. Also on the chopping block was the CFX’s handy LCD screen which did a great job of giving you all the info you needed about the temperature and the other systems, but since they cut down on the temp they’ve made due with an LED light system that lights up the heat that you’re at.

The Boundless CF is the perfect bridge between the Boundless CFX and the CFC. It’s bigger than the CFC, but more portable than the CFX and though it has less functions than the CFX, this model manages to retain its convection capabilities, unlike the CFC. It’s a vaporizer that is one good level above average in most functions, with it’s flavour excelling overall, and may fit the needs of most people who’re just looking for take-away vape with some kick to it.

Boundless CFC

The Boundless CFC, the youngest and smallest of the main Boundless line. The Boundless CFC is a lot more streamlined than it’s older brothers, throwing away the blocky, mighty-esque design for something slimmer and can fit into your pocket with ease. The model does, however, manage to retain a small LCD screen, something even the CF wasn’t able to do. The plastic is of a pretty good quality, just like the other models. It’s one of the reasons why it’s such a sturdy model but the plastic also doesn’t taint the vapor, which is great but also keeps the cost down.

boundless cfc vaporizer namastevapes Australia

The Boundless CFC is incredibly capable and works fantastically at the one thing it was designed to do, be taken anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket but also sturdy enough to be bounced around a bag or purse. Like the other Boundless models, this vape has a couple of features designed to make it appear stealthier, like the black plastic. It also keeps it’s LCD screen without a backlight, so it’s not immediately noticeable. The size of the CFC however does make it even more stealthy than the other models. The battery is pretty good. Should do you a full hour of vaping, and if you’re spreading that across your busy day and it’s got a simple ease-of-use to it so you can pick it up almost as soon as you get it.

The flavour on this vape is probably the best part. The density of the clouds is only average, especially at the lower temperatures, but no matter your heat, the flavour remains great. Even though they couldn’t afford to get the convection half of Boundless’ standard chamber, the CF still tastes quite good with just the conduction half.

Final Word

Boundless have other models, but these three together demonstrate perfectly what you can expect to get out of your vape depending on your needs. It's the perfect example for an Irish herb lover whose just getting to know vaporizers, and really, everyone should be learning more because these models are already being scooped down in AU . At the top of the spectrum is the CFX, which is still technically a portable model, but would only be able to fit in a bag or a purse, but packs an amazing amount of power. Secondly you’ve got the CFC, who sacrifices some power to be able to be taken anywhere, anytime, even in your pocket, and in the middle of those is the CF, which gives you the best of both worlds.


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