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Dabbing Vs Vaping: What Suits You Best And Why?

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Abrar Odoo 05/07/2017

Dabbing Vs Vaping

Dabbing and vaping are becoming increasingly popular ways to consume cannabis products and a whole range of products have sprung up to help people enjoy these methods. However, which suits you best? It’s important to know before you make a choice the features of each so you can make an informed decision. So without adieu here it is; Dabbing Vs Vaping, everything you need to know.



In the discussion of dabbing vs vaping, the first thing we need to do is find out just what dabbing and vaping are.

Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis that are made by extracting the active ingredients of the plant using a solvent like butane. The resultant product comes in three forms depending on purity: Shatter is the purest and resembles brittle glass, Wax is a sticky honey-like substance and BHO or butane hash oil is an oily substance. Dabs are taken with a water pipe and a few specialised pieces of equipment. The three most distinctive parts of this set up are the nail, the torch, and of course the dabbing tool. The nail is a device made from quartz or titanium that fits onto the water pipe, it is designed to conduct heat,. The dabbing tool is designed to pick up a small amount of wax, oil, or shatter and load it into the nail. Once the nail is loaded it is heated by the torch, this vaporizes the wax allowing you to take your hit from the water bong.  


A crumb sized amount of wax can give a solid high. This is because the concentrate often contains up to 95% more THC than cannabis flowers. This means that a little wax will go a long way.


The concentrated nature of a dab means that you can feel the effects of the THC much faster than you could from smoking. It can be felt practically instantly; this makes it uniqly effective for medicinal treatment as users will feel the pain relief and appetite stimulation much faster than from smoking.

Less harsh on the lungs

The amount of THC in a single dab hit can be equivalent to several joints, so it has the same effect while totally avoiding the harshness of all that smoke on your lungs.


Oils, waxes, and shatter doesn’t have the strong scent of herb, and taking a dab hit doesn’t have the lingering scent of smoking. So for those seeking subtlety it’s ideal.


Vaporizers have become an extremely popular way to enjoy herb. Vaping is done with, naturally enough, a vaporizer: a device specially designed to consume cannabis without combustion. Vapes allow you to adjust which active ingredients of cannabis you enjoy. It does this by giving you the option to adjust the temperature of the chamber containing the herb to cause different ingredients to evaporate. This means that you can literally adjust the effects you feel when you enjoy your herb! Many Vapes feature all manner of additional features from vibration alerts that allow you to know when your unit has heated up, to bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control your unit through a phone app! For our range of vaporizers have a look here.

There’s no combustion in a vape so when you enjoy it you aren’t subjecting your body to any of the carcinogens released by burning herb. This makes it by and far the healthiest ways to consume cannabis.


A vaporizer allows you to fine tune its temperature so you are always 100 percent in control of your vaping experience, you can adjust to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want from each hit.


A vaporizer is often a discrete, compact, and sleek package. No need to unwieldy water bongs and dabbing tools. Best of all since it is a purely electronic device you don’t need to spark up with a lighter, and since there’s no combustion there’s no lingering smoke or smell for you to worry about.


Vaporizers are easy and straightforward devices to use. All you have to do is load your herb into the heating chamber, make sure the unit is charges, set your desired temperature, and switch it on. Once it heats up all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.


If you use it correctly there is zero combustion in a vaporizer, that means zero harsh smoke in your lungs and zero carcinogens released from the herb.

So there we have it, all the factors to end the dilemma of dabbing vs vaping. Now that you have the facts hopefully you can figure out which suits you. Enjoy!

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