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How Much Does Temperature Affect Performance?

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Abrar Odoo 05/08/2015

So you just bought the Mighty by Storz and Bickel, but you have no idea what temperature to set it at for best vaping.  You've wondered if it makes a difference, but you're not sure where to start.  Well that's why we're here!  Today we're going to be discussing different vaporizer temperatures, how they affect performance, and how you can be utilizing them to get the best experience out of your vape.

Vaporizer Temperatures


Before telling what temperatures seem to be best, why should you care in the first place?  Does vape temperature actually make a difference!?



Here's why:  Temperature has large effects on vapor production, flavor, as well as chemical breakdown depending on the type of aromatherapy products you are using.  

If you vape at a lower temperature, you can enjoy a cooler, lighter flavored vape session.  Your session will last longer generally as you slowly utilize your material.  If you vape at a higher temperature, then you can get more vapor quickly, and a robust flavoring.  This results in shorter session as you are essentially speeding up the process.  A lower temperature for vaping is generally considered to be around 280-300'F/140-150'C, while high temperatures range anywhere from 390-415'F/200-210'C.  Go much higher than that and your vaporizer will either be incapable or you will begin burned your materials, ruining the point behind vaporizing.  Neither low nor high temperatures are usually desired, but rather somewhere inbetween.  Generally speaking, a good range can be found around 350-390'F/175-200'C.  Namaste Kory generally finds his sweet spot around 365'F/185'C!


 So where do you start?

First of all, vape temperature is mostly relative to the user's preference and vaporizer that they own, however, there is some general guidelines we can give you to help you start that process!

Know your vape

Step 1)  Know your vape.

Does you vaporizer have pre-set temperatures, digital controls, manual controls, or breath-controls?  (this will change how you go about furthering your temperature knowledge)

Step 2)  Read your manual.  

Your vaporizers generally have a suggested temperature/technique included to help your journey on finding what works best for you.  Start with their suggestions!

Step 3)  Try 350-390'F/175-200'C

This is our general suggestion for a good range so next try this out!  Go even further by trying Namaste Kory's go-to of 365'F/185'C!

Step 4)  Try out different options!

A good range is 350-390'F/175-200'C but try out that range and see which works better for you and your vape!  Try out a lower/higher temperature if you're curious!  Remember, every vaporizer is different, and every user is different so the options are fairly endless!

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