Medical Cannabis for your pets? Australian Scientists are leading the charge

on Aug 27, 2018

Our furry friends are our family. To us, our dogs are family and to them we are their everything and when they get sick it can be incredibly heart wrenching and expensive. If you don’t have pet insurance (guilty) vet or dogtor visit can be expensive and that’s before you purchase the prescriptions. Forgetting the fiscal sense of it all; medication for animals also carries some horrible side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, depression etc. What if there was a way to combat these side effects while still medicating your doggo and getting them the help, they need? Well, that’s where CannPal comes in. CannPal are an Aussie based animal-focused pharmaceutical hoping to change the animal medical world.  

 Is medical cannabis for your pets?

Can dogs get high? 

Animals can’t consume medical cannabis like us humans can. If a dog gets a hold of your special cookie stash, he or she can get high. And if they ingest too much, it can have fatal repercussions. In a case where your dog consumes cannabis, of any from, contact your vet ASAP. All dogs are different and much like humans, the way cannabis affects one pup is different to how it may affect another. Some dogs become ‘paranoid’ after getting high, they pant or pace. Others become lethargic and are ‘drunk walking’. If you’re having a ruff day look some high dogs up, you’re guaranteed a laugh. While the videos are funny, it is unsafe for your dog to come into direct contact with cannabis. Dogs are highly sensitive to THC and the effects are instant.  

CBD for dogs?! 

Unlike humans, dogs and animals are not able to ‘smoke’ cannabis, probably from the lack of apposable thumbs! However, the products CannPal are manufacturing and testing are not THC full, there made from hemp. Cannabis and marijuana come from the same plant, however the are different products. The plant itself has over 60 chemicals called cannabinoids. There are two main types of cannabinoids, CBD and THC. CBD is therapeutic, whereas THC is the psychoactive and the chemical in which makes you high. Products from Aussie scientists are made specifically from hemp which has a high CBD content.  

How can my dog use CBD? 

Using CBD products for our fluffy pals has a range of significant benefits. CBD can help with both chronic and acute disease; to preface, CBD will not make your dog high. They may get a little drowsy but the same would happen if you gave him some pharmaceutical medication. Giving your pupper CBD can help with arthritis, stress, anxiety, digestive issues and more. There are also studies under way into CBD’s effects on Type 1 diabetes and cancer. CBD is also great for treating bone disorders and post-op stiffness and pain. If your pup is taking conventional medication for any of these conditions, using CBD may help in lowering the dosage.  

Leading the way 

Giving your best friend hemp to ease his ailments is the future. Give it to him in the form of treats and he’ll love you even more, is that even possible though, you’re pretty amazing. Do it in moderation! Aussie scientists are leading the way for better medicine for our pups!  

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