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Product Feature: Ascent Water Tool

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NamasteVapes Australia 18/09/2014

You don’t always have to buy a new vape to get more variety in your vaping experience. There are some great vaping accessories on the market, and we try to make sure we've got a selection of them to suit anyone’s needs. Now, with the tool we’re talking about today, that selection also covers water tools – which provide a very different vape quality from your existing vaporizer.

We've talked previously about our Da Vinci Ascent bundle with its included water tool and adapter – so today we thought we’d have our friend Namaste Nick give you a rundown of how it looks, and how it works, in a quick video!

The Ascent bundle comes with the Ascent straight water tool adapter and our own NamasteVapes water tool – both of which can be purchased separately if you already own an Ascent or other compatible vaporizers.


Namaste Nick here and thank you for tuning in today the new water tool for your ascent, beautiful love this new product, outstanding, you gotta check it out.

Ta da! This is a perfect gift for your holiday season. Let me show you how it works. Here is our Ascent, pre-heated. I like it right around 380 degrees, 375 to 380 depending on the blends, oils, what you are using. Oils of course might be a little bit higher.

Now the way it works, you have your glass straw and you simply suck it out, bring it out. Now in order to be able to use this tool, of course, you need the water adapter, which is again a wonderful little glass tube that inserts right into the ascent like so and the water tool sits on top, here.

All you’ve got to do is very gently [inhale]. Beautiful even flavor, outstanding. And with the precise temp control that you get with the ascent. Highly ranked in my book. Yes the water tool with the ascent. Namaste vapes.

Please check it out, send us your feedback, send us your thoughts - hope to see more of these coming along. Hopefully, soon we’ll have a little adapter for the Solo as well. Maybe even the Pax. The water tool and NamasteVapes, check it out.

And for your information, water wise you don’t need very much. I filled up the bottom chamber maybe half full, if that much, maybe a third, plenty, you don’t need more. It’s fairly stable, you can move it around it doesn’t spill, nice snug fit.

 The water tool for the ascent at Namaste Vapes.

Thank you for checking in, peace and blessings, come back soon, Namaste.

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