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Support for Medical Cannabis Legalization in Australia at 91%

on Aug 23, 2018

According to a recent report, over ninety percent of Australians support the idea of medical cannabis. In 2016, Australia took measures to legalize medical cannabis for six conditions. Despite this good news since that time patients in need of treatment have had a hard time gaining access to medical cannabis. This is due firstly to the bureaucracy involved with cannabis legislation in Oz and to the simple fact the supplies aren’t there.   

Support for medical cannabis?

Obstacle After Obstacle 

There are a number of reasons why Australian patients are finding their supplies of medical cannabis lacking. With the lack of medical cannabis available Australia decided that stockpiling might be the best option. Up to that point patients in Australia had to wait for their cannabis to be imported following their prescription. This, naturally, slowed things considerably 

Unsure Physicians 

In a survey conducted by the University of Sydney it found that from a group of more than 600 physicians over 50% of them would support medical cannabis. This is wonderful news, but the problem comes through a lack of knowledge and confidence. Of these same 50% of doctors many of them would not feel confident in prescribing medical cannabis for their patients.  

Determined Politicians  

Only this April, the Green Party proposed a plan that would fully legalize cannabis across Australia. This would have been a move in line with the recent full legalization that took place in Canada. It would have established a government-regulated wholesale system of purchased cannabis from local farmers. And any adult over the age of 18 could have grown up to six plants at home.  

However, as might have been expected, conservative politicians believe that there are too many flaws in the medical marijuana program and shot the proposal down.  

A Dubious Future 

Where Australia goes from here is still the subject of much debate. At present there are around 1,000 patients for medical cannabis which some say does not warrant such legislation. However, it has been pointed out that when Canada first legalized there weren’t that many patients and now it has legalized cannabis across the nation this past summer. What is clear though is that public opinion has overwhelming swayed to establishing of more availability. Some territories of Australia have even decriminalized possession.