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Australia Vaporizer News


on May 25, 2017

BUY THE FIREFLY 2 RIGHT NOW! All vaporizers are not created or made equal and as a matter of fact, all vaporizers have their unique manufacturers and what they stand for. Presently in the vaping industry in Canada the list of vaporizers is an unending one as new units hit the market daily. These vapes have their unique designs, build up quality, vapor quality battery lives and several other features embedded to enable them to perform their objective functions. This brings us to what really matters in vaporizers, and based on experience, research and personal ideology, I have come to know that the most vital feature of vaporizers most vapers in the industry look out for revolves around the quality... Read more »

New Namaste Accessories

on Jun 09, 2015

Hey guys! Hopefully if you've been tracking along with us here at Namaste Vapes then you've noticed that we have created a lot of new products recently!  This is really exciting for us, because we saw a need, and decided to try to fufill it.  We make these products because we've seen that you guys want products like our VGrinders, Stir Tools, Water Tools, and Adapters, and we decided you guys deserved these with the highest quality glass, plastic, and metal that we can bring to the table. We thought that there should be better grinders on the market, so we made them.  We didn't cut corners making them either because both our 2-Part and 4-Part VGrinder's are made with aircraft grade aluminum... Read more »