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The Fury 2 - Sleek, Hybrid and Furious Vaporizer

on Sep 17, 2018

Fury 2 by healthy rips

The Fury 2 is Sleek, Hybrid and a Furious Vaporizer. It is is one the most compact vaporizer to emerge onto the market. The Fury 2 coming from Healthy Rips is the smallest vaporizer in existence at palm concealable.

With an amazing heating method, it helps you to get the best from your dry herbs and concentrates. Have a Look at this article to know what Fury 2 can do to your vaping experience?


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on May 25, 2017

BUY THE FIREFLY 2 RIGHT NOW! All vaporizers are not created or made equal and as a matter of fact, all vaporizers have their unique manufacturers and what they stand for. Presently in the vaping industry in Canada the list of vaporizers is an unending one as new units hit the market daily. These vapes have their unique designs, build up quality, vapor quality battery lives and several other features embedded to enable them to perform their objective functions. This brings us to what really matters in vaporizers, and based on experience, research and personal ideology, I have come to know that the most vital feature of vaporizers most vapers in the industry look out for revolves around the quality... Read more »

Vape Review: Firefly, a Great Vape for Experienced Users

on Sep 05, 2014

So far, most of the vapes we've reviewed on the blog have been great entry-level units. While we feel ease of use is an important part of the vaping experience, we know there are some of you who enjoy taking a bit more time to appreciate the subtleties of vaping. For you more experienced vape users, we have one top recommendation: The Firefly Vaporizer. What Is It? The Firefly is a convection-based hand-held vaporizer for use with dry botanical material. Among the portable vape category, it’s one of the slickest, simplest designs, and sports some interesting, innovative design features not found in any other vaporizer to date. The Good The Firefly’s just beautiful. Stainless steel and detailed plastic components, striking... Read more »

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