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The Best Vaporizers For The Summer Holidays

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Anthony Rodo 05/07/2017

Portable Vaporizers

In the summer months you may want to enjoy something a bit less cloying than smoking your herb, what you need is something lighter and more palatable. You need the easy, smooth pull of a vape. A vaporizer won’t inflict hot smoke on you, your lungs will remain unburnt as it only uses its heating elements to gradually evaporate the active ingredients in your herb. This vapor has all the potency of the smoke produced by combustion but has none of the toxins or tars. Also if the day is too hot then you can turn down the temperature of your vaporizer to thin out the vapor produced for a light, leisurely hit.

The Australian vaporizer scene is bursting at the seams with fantastic, high quality vaporizers, so how do you narrow down and find the right one for you? Well we’ve gone through our range of vapes and selected the very best summer vaporizers in our opinion.

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo is an advanced portable vape that stands out from the crowd. Created by Canadian company Arizer, the solo has a rightfully earned reputation  for reliability and performance. It uses dry herbs with its 7 temperature chamber, its glass mouthpiece guarantees you tasty, untainted vapor every time. The Solo comes equipped with a strong heating element and a borosilicate glass draw stem; both of these components allow users to enjoy the purest and tastiest vapor they could conceivably want.

The solo is a compact and understated vape that is small enough for the user to carry in their pocket. This means that they can enjoy a vape experience anytime, anywhere.

The Solo doesn’t use butane or alkaline batteries, it uses advanced lithium ion batteries that has enough power for three hours of uninterrupted usage. It features a LED temperature control system that allows users to adjust the unit to their desired vaporizing temperature. The Solo has a quick heat up time, reaching vaporizing temperature in only two minutes!

While other vaporizers may use vinyl or plastic components the Solo only uses borosilicate glass in its air path and mouthpiece. This prevents any nasty chemical tastes from tainting your vapor.

Over all the Solo is a high quality, reliable vaporizer that gives you a huge amount of control over your vape experience.

The G Pro Vaporizer

The G Pro is a fantastic portable vape from the folks at Grenco Science. The G Pro is a sensational vape which offers convection vaporization, a rare feature in portable vapes. Convection works by generating hot air and blowing it over the herb, gradually vaporizing the active ingredients into a thick, tasty, and even vapor.

The unit is stylish and discreet, designed to slip easily into your pocket and enjoyed on the go, on top of this it’s rugged enough to stand up to the day to day trials of any portable vaporizer. The G Pro’s internal structure is made from stainless steel which ensures good insulation and even heating for your vapor!

If you want a robust vape that produces thick, high quality vapor look no further than the G Pro!

Pax 2

The Pax 2 was the best selling portable vaporizer of 2016. Its sleek and understated design is very discreet. It carries an enhanced battery capacity and a deep stainless steel chamber for your herb. The Pax also boasts a smart heating system that uses convection to ensure that you have a great vaping experience, you can use the integrated LED indicators to see exactly what’s going on inside your heating chamber. It is small, light and perfect when you’re going to be out and about enjoying the summer sun and you can't afford for your battery to let you down!

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