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Abrar Odoo 02/03/2017



Vaporizers seem to be on the verge of taking over the herbal world.  These devices are leading the charge of a revolution in terms of how we take our plant materials. No longer will users have to contend with masses of smoke and dirty ashes falling all over the place. Nowadays, with vaporizers, you can enjoy your plants using elite level vaping technology. What these new devices guarantee is a vape of outstanding quality and at outstanding value.It seems the writing is on the wall for bongs, joints, and blunts.  The traditional methods of taking your herbs are about to become a part of ancient history.Of course, you're always going to come across the odd diehard who'll refuse to change their ways. All I can say is let these people be stuck in their time warp, let them be stuck in their dark prehistoric ways.  In this day and age the smart money is on vaporizers to take over the herbal world. And so this brings us to the big question, what are the main reasons why you should buy a vaporizer? Well to be quite honest with you there are so many reasons for you to purchase a vaporizer that you'd nearly have to spend all day writing them down- so what I've decided to do is cut the list down to the three main reasons.



One of the main reasons why people are deciding  to use vaporizers is because of the massive health benefits that the devices afford users. It has been scientifically proven that vapes will lead to a healthier, happier, and fitter you.  When I made the switch to using vaporizers a number of years ago I couldn't believe that overall difference that the machine made to my health. I was able to run far faster and far longer than I previously would have been. I also noticed that when I went to the gym that I was able to lift far more weights, and consequently, I was getting stronger and healthier. An extra benefit that came with all of this extra fitness was that   people began commenting on my appearance as my skin became clearer and younger looking.  Why are vaporizers so much more healthier you may ask? There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is because vaporizers don't combust your herbs and this results in less toxins entering into your body. Once you burn your herbs you're increasing the amount of toxins entering into your body tenfold. All of these issues can be avoided if  you decide to take up vaping as your body will then be able to receive the maximum level of nutrition at the minimum amount of difficultly.Trust me, if you decide to take up vaping your lungs and your entire body will thank you for it.




Another reason why you should start vaping is because of the massive savings that you'll make. What vaping allows users to achieve is the maximum level of buzz with the minimum level of herbal input.  No longer will users have to waste tonnes of herbs combusting and blowing all over the room users will now have access to premium level hits at the least amount of financial investment. People who light up their herbs are literally burning their money and letting it blow away into the sky, but the great thing is that this problem is avoided when you vape. What vaping does is it extracts the best from your herbs without wastage. The keyword that is used here is, efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency. A study was recently conducted in Sweden whereby it was discovered that it required  42.6% less of your herbs to get the same effect as combustion. At the end of the day when you add up all of these extra savings over time you're taking about is not small savings, but massive life changing savings.   



Vaping is just so damn convenient compared to traditional methods of combustion that you're not going to believe it.  With the older methods users have had to hide and take their herbs in secret. Another drawback with the older ways is that your dirty ashes would be falling all over the place and the smoke from your herbs would be stinking the place out. But thankfully many of these issues are avoided when you take up vaping.  This marvellous new technology will ensure that your clothes will remain fresh and you wont be dropping dirty ashes all over the place. Another huge plus factor in favour of vaping is that it just looks so cool and so sophisticated. For example, the difference between someone drawing on a classy looking vape like the Firefly or the Pax 2 in comparison to smoking on a dirty joint is incomparable. In this day and age, to be vaping is like you're making a fashion statement in itself. Vaporizers just look cool. These machines exude a sense of style and charisma that wouldn't look out of place on the catwalk. On the other hand to be smoking a joint or a bong looks seedy- it looks dirty and filthy looking.  You can imagine someone happily puffing away with their firefly walking down the street, but could you imagine them smoking a big joint? Of course not! The two images are so different that they are like chalk and cheese.  


The future not only looks bright for vaporizers the future looks positively magnificent. There are so many reasons that you should take up vaping that it would be madness not to. Once you have a vaporizer in your hands you'll have the keys to a new and improved you. Make no mistake about it, vaping has the possibility to change your life for the better. The health benefits of using these magnificent machines are many and varied- you'll soon find that you'll be running faster and will have far better overall cardiovascular health. In finishing all I can say is to get out and there and get yourself a vaporizer, your body, mind, and soul with thank you for it.


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