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Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers Australia | 2016

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Abrar Odoo 18/10/2016

5 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers | Vaporizers Australia

2016 has been a hell of a year for portable dry herb vaporizers. Although this year we have seen a significant rise in the popularity of Vaporizer Pens and the use of concentrates/waxes, it is the portable dry herb Vaporizers that continue to dominate the marketplace. And the grip that they have over the marketplace does not look like slowing down anytime soon, as we are about to welcome a batch of brand new dry herb portable vaporizers announced very recently. These include the new Pax 3 Vaporizer and also the DaVinci IQ that was announced over the last couple of weeks and been given a release date later on this year.

However, that discussion is for another day, as for today, we’ll be talking about the 5 best portable dry herb vaporizers that are currently available. While it is certainly true that there has been a significant spike in the popularity of using concentrates/waxes, dry herb vaporizers will always have a demand for them. More and more people daily are turning towards using Vaporization as their means for consuming their materials. This is seen in how many people are actively trying to change and live healthier lifestyles while Vaping is seen as the healthiest way to consume your selected dry herbs.

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So with this in mind, let’s jump straight into our list of the current top 5 best dry herb vaporizers:

1.The Pax 2 Vaporizer

Pax 2 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Australia

2016 has been quite the year for Pax Labs, and it’s not quite over just yet! Having recently announced the successor to the Pax 2 (the Pax 3 would you believe!) Pax Labs are setting themselves up to enter 2017 as strongly as they did for 2016. The Pax 2 Vaporizer was one of the most popular portable dry herb vaporizers of the year and its popularity has not stalled yet, with it still being sold as regularly if not more than most other portable vaporizers. The Pax 2 has been labeled the iPhone of Vapes and struggle to argue against this claim. One of the most instantly recognizable designs combined with a powerful and consistent oven means that this Vaporizer rightly sports the ‘Vape of the Year’ crown at the moment…although 2016 isn’t over just yet.

2. The FireFly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes

Very similar to the Pax Vaporizers, FireFly built a huge amount of excitement and anticipation when it announced it would be releasing the successor to the extremely popular FireFly Vaporizer.  The FireFly 2 not only lived up to these heady expectations but managed to exceed them somehow also. The FireFly 2 has been a massive hit in the portable dry herb vaporizer market, proving to be one of the most popular handheld vapes of the year! Improved battery life, heating system, and vapor quality made the FireFly 2 an instant hit with Vape enthusiasts, while the ability to Vape concentrates and waxes opened the FireFly 2 up to an entire new batch of customers. All in all, the FireFly 2 has had a great 2016 and is already running full throttle ahead towards 2017.

3. The Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Australia

Next up is the behemoth that is the Mighty Vaporizer from our friends Storz and Bickel. The Mighty Vaporizer is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers ever made. You know when a portable vaporizer is matching the heavy duty desktop vapes for vapor quality, that you’ve got yourself a real winner. The Mighty is the ultimate home appliance for any Vape enthusiasts out there. Not exactly the most elegant or small, however the Mighty really does pack a punch which more than makes up for its size. From us to you, the Mighty will not let you down.

4. The Haze V3 Dual

Haze V3 Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Australia

Next up is the ultra innovative Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer. This is one of the very first Vapes that came equipped with a dual function: the ability to Vape both concentrates and dry herb. The Haze V3 comes with two separate bowls; one for herbs and the other for concentrates, never again will you have to choose between the two. The Haze was a pioneer in this aspect and we have absolutely fallen in love with it! When we combine the extensive functionality of this Vape with it’s unique and stylish design (Very similar in shape to a hipflask) the Haze Dual V3 really is a winning vape.

5. The Grizzly Guru

Grizzly Guru Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Australia

The all in one vaporizer. The Grizzly Guru really can vape it all. At its core, the Grizzly Guru Vape is a portable dry herbs vaporizer with a medical grade ceramic heating chamber and an all glass vapor pathway. The Guru also provides a precise digital temperature control system which is combined with a high quality LED light display system. The Grizzly Guru makes a great gift for any vapers out there,  seeing as its compatibility with standard 510 thread atomizers, making it the only aromatherapy vaporizer that excels at vaping dry blends, waxes, oils, concentrates and e-liquids.


So there it is folks, the NamasteVapes top 5 best portable dry herb vaporizers currently on the market. So whether you’re looking for something small and discreet or a more powerful, durable vaporizer you’re sure to find something to suit your vaping needs.

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Keep Calm…Vape on!

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