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Vaporizer Review: Pax 2 Vs. Crafty

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Abrar Odoo 28/06/2016

The Pax 2 or Crafty? We compare and contrast two of our favourite vaporizers


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Looks like we've got ourselves an old fashioned Vape off. Now, before we begin,  we must stress that this is just a review and comparison of these two vapes. We understand that different scenarios may call for different vaporizers, different people will have differing tastes and needs from their vaporizer and that some people may have preferences towards brands and styles of smoking (portable/desktop). So we're going to keep this as a comparison of two fantastic vapes and see where they differ and see how similar they are also. 


Pax 2 portable vaporizer Namaste AustraliaWe have on one hand the new Pax 2 which is the latest version of the very famous Pax portable vaporizer by Ploom. The Pax 2 is the small, stealthy and sexy. It features beautiful lines like a sports car and a shiny high quality aluminum finish. The Pax 2 is very portable and discrete (when needed). Presently the Pax 2 is the best selling portable vaporizer at NamasteVapes™. 

Crafty Portable Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Australia The Crafty is a new portable vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel who are famous for the original Volcano vaporizer. The Crafty and its larger brother the Mighty were released more recently and offer the absolute best vapor production in comparison with any other portable vaporizer. These units have a unique style about them and may not be considered as stealthy or portable as a Pax 2 but their performance is superior

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Size and Portability

When we take a look at these two vaporizers it is clear that the Pax 2 is the smaller of the two vapes and also more discrete and subtle than the Crafty. The Pax 2 weighs in at only 92 grams and is 18.5mm x 8.6mm x 10mm. That is roughly 30% smaller than the original Pax. The Pax 2 is the ultimate portable vape and can fit almost anywhere. The Pax 2 has a sleek brushed aluminum surface on the outside and the among other upgrades from the Pax 1 includes a standard flat mouthpiece. 

The Crafty is also a small portable vape, considering it is a pure convection based unit the Crafty can also easily fit in your pocket. The Crafty's dimensions are 11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm and it weights roughly 135 grams. So, in conclusion the Pax 2 is ultra small and stealthy which makes it an excellent choice for those discreet vapers however the Crafty is also very accessible and portable which comes in handy, especially for on the go use.



Function (Conduction vs. Convection)

One of the biggest differences between these two vaporizers is the method of vaporization being used. The Pax 2 uses the conventional conduction method while we see that the Crafty uses Convection.

Pax 2 Heating chamber Namaste Vapes Australia The Pax 2 is a very advanced vaporizer and boasts a variety of fun and helpful features however it does use a more basic method of vaporizing dry herbs called conduction. Conduction is a very common method and we see it being used in many portable vaporizers on the market today.

Pax 2 Heating chamber








The conduction method is favored by some users. Conduction vapes work by heating up your dry herbs while they are inside a heating chamber. The herbs are then heated and the temperature within reaches your pre-programmed desired temperature setting. The heat is maintained below the combustion point of the herbs allowing for conduction to occur. Vapor is then created and begins to flow through the stem pathway of the unit and is inhaled out of the mouthpiece in the top. 














Crafty portable vaporizer heating chamber Namaste Vapes Australia The Crafty vaporizer uses the convection method in order to create vapor. Convection results in a fresher and more pure flavor which more closely matches the flavor of the herbs themselves as they are not constantly being baked inside of the heating chamber.

Crafty heating chamber 





Convection based vaporizers like the Mighty, the Crafty and the Firefly work by having hot air passed through the herbs in order to extract the vapor from the materials. With a true convection vaporizer your herbs are never in direct contact with the heating element. With many convection vaporizers, the speed of your draw (inhale) will have an effect on the thickness of the vapor. This happens because as you draw slower, the air has longer to heat over the element before passing through your herbs. Drawing faster the air has less time to heat which results in a lighter, less dense vapor. 



What is really amazing about the Crafty and the Mighty, from my experience is that you get amazing performance with a nice and thick vapor whether you draw slow or fast. How they achieve this may be a secret but is really in my opinion what sets the Crafty apart from its competition in terms of vapor production, even compared with the Pax 2! 



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Charging and Battery Life

Charging with the Pax 2 is very convenient with the new charging cradle where the vape lies flat and is held in place with magnets. The Pax 2 has a USB port and has a charge time of around three hours. The battery life of the Pax 2 on a full charge is roughly 90 minutes of continuous use (30% improvement on the original Pax).

The Crafty vaporizer features a Li-Ion battery which takes roughly two hours to completely charge (via supplied USB cable) and then when the battery is on full charge it will last about 45 minutes before it auto-shuts itself off. This has been pointed out as one of the biggest flaws of the Crafty, such an amazing portable vaporizer, however it really is amazing how quickly that 45 minutes of use gets consumed.  It can be frustrating as well when starting a session for the unit to shut off. 



Both the Pax 2 and the Crafty are industry leading vaporizers with household names know around the world. These two devices offer some of the most advanced technology we've seen to date, from 'lip-sensing' technology in the Pax 2 to smart-phone app integration with the Crafty and advanced vaporization methods. If you're stuck deciding between the Pax 2 and the Crafty what it really comes down to is personal taste. The style of the Pax 2 is very slick and sexy while also being able to combine this with excellent vapor production. The Crafty is still a portable device but maybe not as slick as the Pax 2 however it does offer the best vapor production out of any portable units. Either one of these vapes is a winner and we sincerely doubt that anyone would be disappointed with either of them! (Neither one of these fantastic pieces take your fancy? Never fear, continue browsing here!)


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Keep Calm...Vape On!  




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