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Abrar Odoo 16/02/2017

Vaporizers are the must have health accessory of the century.  Herbal enthusiasts are beginning to switch in their droves from using traditional methods such as: joints, blunts, and bongs, to using vaporizers because they are a far smarter and healthier way to enjoy your herbs.  Not only are recreational users of the herb switching to vapes, but people who suffer from serious health conditions are being advised by medical health professionals to start utilizing vaporizers.

People have been left astounded by the overall improvements to their health once they started using this cutting edge technology. But the benefits don't stop with health, there are many many other reasons to get your hands on one of these devices.  For the younger generation owning a good quality vaporizer is almost akin to having a smartphone- a must have! With many users loudly shouting about the superior tasting herbs and the superior overall functionality. There is one thing that you can say with certainty, and it is this- that vaping looks cool and is cool.  When you compare vaping to someone rolling up a dirty joint with ashes scattering all over the floor, to someone using a PAX3 or a Firefly, there simply is no comparison.

Not only does the vaporizer look better, it is better for you! The health benefits are many and varied with studies showing that users of vapes experience a significant reduction in the amount of toxins entering into their bloodstream.  These findings have been backed up by many other studies which show how vaporizers benefit vital organs. In this blog, I'll show you why  vaping is not only good for your health, but great for your health.



One of the major beneficiaries  of using vaporizers is your lungs. Believe me, your lungs will thank you for vaping instead of smoking. Studies have shown that herbs  contain the exact same amount of cancer causing chemicals as cigarette smoke. But many of the negative aspects of herbs are eliminated once you start vaping.  A major study in Helsinki, which sampled over 100 herbal users, found that once people switched to using vaporizers they experienced a reduction of 78.5% in carcinogenics entering into their bloodstreams.  The benefits to users are almost immediate with people breathing easier and getting fitter all round. Another study by Marilyn Huestis, of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that vaping led to massive overall health gains.  The Health gains experienced where particularly prevalent when it came to peoples lungs with the air sacs being capable of far greater H20 intake.  


Adam Winstock, a drug expert  from Kings College London, has previously been on record for stating that vaporizers are far safer than smoking your herbs.  And when you add in tobacco to your joint the gains made by vaping are quite enormous. There are many different types of herbal that you can vaporize  like: plants, oils, concentrates, and the one common  denominator between them all  is that they're all far safer to use than rolling up a joint.  In 2011, a study was commissioned on substance abuse where over 37,000 people took part, and one of the recommendations of this study was that herbal users should use vaporizers. Not only was it suggested that people should use vaporizers, but  that utilizing Vapes was number 1 in their list of recommendations.





An added benefit of using vaporizers is that they are way more cost effective and will result in massive savings for users. The reason for this is because it only takes a very small amount of concentrate to get you really buzzed. The extra strong levels of THC that are in vape oils and concentrates results in an almost immediate buzz.  But like with many things that benefit us you have to be cautious about overuse. When using hash oil I would advise users to take only a few small puffs and  wait and see what the effects are. There is nothing worse than overdosing on your herbs resulting in you experiencing  a nasty time because you have too much THC floating around in your system. I repeat, for newbies , take your time and take only a few small puffs and then wait until you see what the effects are. The problem with hash oil and concentrates is that many users may feel that they can puff away like they would with a joint, but this isn't the case.  Your plants are going to be way less potent than concentrates and  this is something you're going to need to be aware of. Whilst it definitely  is great that you'll get more bang for your buck with concentrates - you'll just need to be aware of the difference. For diehards this isn't going to present too much of an issue, because these people will already know their limits, but for the new kids on the blocks you should take your time.



Vaporizers use two different modes to heat up your herbs- convection and conduction.  What both of these methods do is they heat up your herbs just below the point of combustion and this results in a very nutritious vape entering your body. Conduction is the older form of heating your herbs and this method uses a heated element to vaporize your herbs. I've found this this method can lead to an increased chance of combustion, and this is something you most certainly will want to try and avoid. Convection on the other hand uses hot air to vaporize your herbs, and from my experience, this method leads to a far more consistent and pleasurable time. Many devices out there exclusively vaporize oils, and others specialize in the plants, what you'll have do is find the machine that suits your own personal needs. What you'll need to do is to get your hands on a good quality vaporizer that will avoid many of the combustion issues that can be encountered with cheaper models. 


For people who want to get serious about their health they need to stop rolling up joints and start vaping.  Joints are old, outdated, and a thing of the past. They remind me of prehistoric man banging rocks together to try and produce a few sparks for a fire- ancient history.  Using vaporizers is the smart way to go.  These devices are not only taking the herbal world by storm, they're taking over the herbal world in a coup d'état of historic proportions.  So get out there, buy your vaporizer, and start looking after yourself for a change. Start taking care of your health by giving your body the tools that it needs to not only survive but to thrive.  


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