Black Mamba

Black Mamba Australia | Small But Powerful

The Black Mamba! Affordable, but without sacrificing taste or performance! With conduction heating and its unique design, the Black Mamba is able to heat its large, ceramic chamber in just a few seconds, giving you a top quality tasting vapor on demand. So simple to use and has a great weight to it, feeling secure in your hand, Black Mamba is the name to go for when you’re talking about portable, on-the-go vaporizers. Ergonomically designed for comfort and built to take the abuse of a busy lifestyle, and at this price point you really can’t go wrong. This amazing little vape is finally here in NZ so make sure you check it out today.

Everybody knows that ceramic chambers and heating elements deliver one of the best flavors to herbs as they’re vaping, and man, this vape has ceramic in spades and naturally, coming off of those ceramics, are glass. This is a classic and well loved flavor combination that never fails to impress.

The Black Mamba backs up this good taste with other, powerful systems like a heat up time that only takes a couple of seconds and plenty of heat setting. The Black Mamba is very small and very slender. It’s small enough that you could probably carry it around with you all day and no one could ever tell and It also comes in a bunch of different styles from black to camouflage as well as other designs.

When you use the Black Mamba, make sure you pack the chamber tight. More so with this vape than others, a half packed chamber really reduces its power. It’s the same with a lot of conduction vaporizers, but with this one, as long as you’re not cheap with your herbs you’ll have a great, flavourful, dense session. With a reasonable 0.65gram chamber, you can get a good vape session going but for on-the-go use, you won’t have much waste at all.


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