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Vae Pen is a popular form of Portable Vaporizer, usually handling Dry Herbs, but for those who are also interested in waxes and concentrates and also if price is an issue. We have a very attractive collection of Pen vaporizers that might catch your eye! Extremely discreet and fast charging vapes have their own obvious advantages and for many people their first vape is indeed a Vape Pen. With exceptional product ventures from Grizzly Originals to Grasshopper and Puffco, you will not be stuck for choice when it comes to high quality vape pens! But at NamasteVapes we're more interested in the amazing vape power you get for the actual price you pay.

Vape Pen has been exceptionally popular in recent years and do offer a great vaping experience for either Dry Herbs or Concentrates. Hit the Read More button below to take a look at some of our most popular Vape Pen at the moment. If you would like to look at alternatives to the Vape Pen, have a look at our range of best-selling Desktop vapes and Best Portable vaporizer collection.


One of the biggest benefits of vape pens is how easily they can be taken apart and maintained. Fewer parts ultimately mean less mess to clean up, with 9/10 pen vapes simply needing their interior cartridge to be removed and cleaned to be as good as new. So much less maintenance is one of the many reasons why people keep reaching for pen vapes when the market is being overrun by larger vapes claiming to be more powerful.

In general, they also tend to be much more compact than most dry herb vapes. Averaging around 4" long, they fit into any pocket quickly and discreetly! Portability is so incredibly important when it comes to a great vaporizer, and pen vaporizers are the specialty pieces that maximize the flavor into the smallest shell possible. 


The finest in premium portable pen vaporizers is here and ready to go at NamasteVapes Australia with easy shipping anywhere in Australia. Never leave the house again without one of these brilliant on-the-go vapes.


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