Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer

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  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer
  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer
  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer
  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer
  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer
  • Crave Air Herbal Vaporizer


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The VGrinder 4-Part

The NamasteVapes VGrinder 4-Part The NamsteVapes™ VGrinder is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. It is specifically designed to provide ground materials for vaporizing.  This grinder is not only beautiful but also very functional. This is a 4-component grinder with diamond cut teeth and collection screen. We highly suggest using one of our NamsteVapes™ grinders for best results. This grinder is backed by a lifetime NamasteVapes™ warranty but rest assured it will last forever! Diameter: 75mm Included: 1 x NamasteVapes 4 Part Grinder Video Review Namaste Kory reviews our variety of Grinders

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The Crave team in Melbourne Australia have just dropped their latest device onto the market. The Air vaporizer is their newest conduction style dry herb vaporizer which has been designed and developed from start to finish in the land down under. The oven in the base of the device is constructed of stainless steel and uses conduction heating to vaporize your dry herbs. There is also an optional bowl which you can purchase separately in order to use concentrates so you also have the versatility of being able to run whatever you like in it. Portability is one of the keys to a device like this and they have made sure that it is the perfect size to just slot in your pocket and not be in the way. At less than 10cm tall it is as discreet and subtle as anything else on the market and can be used without anyone ever even seeing it. In order to give you the vapor exactly the way you like it they have given you three different temperature settings to choose from so you can tailor your vaping experience to exactly how you like it. The single button design means that this is also one of simplest devices you could choose, with absolutely no learning curve at all to deal with. Once turned on it takes less that 30 seconds to get up to temperature which means no standing around waiting for it to be ready to use. To help you make the most of your battery it also features a 'standby mode' which detects whether the device is in use and shuts it down when it is idle in order to save power.  The charger for the Air is a magnetic cradle which the device sits on and it simply plugs into any USB port or adapter to charge the battery. Included in the kit are your Crave Air vaporizer, your USB charge lead and charging cradle, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 mouthpieces, a screen, an oven lid and an instruction manual. If you want a high end vape that is perfect for people who never stop then look no further.